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1910 Garrett Morgan made is contribution to the beauty industry with hair care products and paved the way for several other entrepreneurs and manufacturers for decades.

While working in a sewing machine repair shop Morgan attempted to invent a new lubricating liquid for the machine needle. When Morgan wiped his hands on a wool cloth, returned the next day,and found the woolly texture of the cloth had “smoothed out”. He then set out to find how the liquid chemical had changed the texture as it had. He experimented by using some of the product on an Airedale dog, known for their curly textured hair. The effect was so successful that the owner of the dog shood him away because he didn't recognize him.

Hair Relaxer

Morgan then used his lubricating liquid invention on himself and he called it a “hair refining cream”, then he patented the first chemical hair straightener. He invented other personal grooming products for his company which included curved-tooth pressing combs, hair pressing gloss, hair dying ointments, shampoos that would revolutionize the beauty industry. The invention that started it all: the “G.A. Morgan's Hair Refiner Cream” his slogan was “Positively Straighten Hair in 15 Minutes”.

Today, many women and men across the world are still using relaxers and profiting off his inventions through reinventing the poducts, providing services and retail his product. These products gave hope to those who can not controll their kinky hair and give the beauty and luster to hair that is kinky or nappy.